Rebox Partners Will Ride With Pride in ‘Courage in Motion’

Written by Jeremy Weis Heitner, Sr. Business Development Manager

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Rebox partners are putting on their helmets, getting on their bicycles and hitting the pavement so more people can do the same.

Participating in ‘Courage in Motion,’ an annual fundraiser for disabled Israeli veterans, Rebox partners are already raising funds and getting into shape ahead of the 5-day cycling event in Israel.

Three Rebox partners will be participating in the 11th annual CIM event, Brian Young, Keith Primeau, and Mark Young. Each Rebox rider will be cycling anywhere between 50-to-130 kilometres from Oct. 22-26, cycling right beside disabled Israeli war veterans and terrorism survivors.

Rebox values people above all else, which is why the company is honoured and excited to be participating in the CIM fundraising event. Courage in Motion is a unique and engaging charitable event, one that speaks to Rebox’s mantra of “thinking outside the box.” Pun intended.

All of the money raised by Rebox partners for the CIM event will go directly back to funding Beit Halochem Canada, the Canadian arm of Beit Halochem, an organization that has set up aid centres providing rehabilitative services to over 50,000 disabled Israelis directly impacted by acts of war.

Beit Halochem Centres are located all across Israel, offering important rehabilitative services and equipment to individuals who often can’t find such support anywhere else.

Giving back to the community shouldn’t be restricted by geography. The veterans and survivors Beit Halochem may be halfway around the world from where Rebox operates, but that should never stop a company from providing support to a noble cause. We want to make our home-city of Montreal a better place to live, and the world at-large.

Sports coaching and cultural activities are offered at all Beit Halochem Centres, with the goal of allowing disabled individuals affected by war to truly enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors and physical activities.

Beit Halochem Canada is the only organization in Canada that directly supports disabled Israeli war veterans and terrorism survivors. This is an organization that squarely focuses on giving back to people who have already given up so much.

You can help out, too, by sponsoring one of the participating Rebox riders. Simply head to the Courage in Motion website, search for one of our riders, and make a pledge. Remember, every little bit counts.

Courage in Motion 2018 begins on October 22nd and the ride continues, with riders cycling through Israel until October 26. For more details on the CIM event and Beit Halochem, head here.