Recycling Programs

The Rebox Program

Rebox partners direct with manufacturers and recyclers to provide innovative solutions for their recycling streams. The most common program is our box collection program.

Rebox works with Plant and EHS managers and recycling partners to set up on site programs to identify opportunities to increase revenue, operational efficiencies, and environmental initiatives. Once a waste stream is identified, Rebox will help identify the best outlets for the best results. Rebox can even help with Gaylords, Pallets and Slip Sheets. Some of our programs have been in place for over 20 years. Those partners have reaped the financial, operational, and environmental benefits.

By partnering with Rebox, you can expect:

Increased Revenues

We will compensate you more for your boxes than a traditional recycler would.

Increased Plant Productivity

We work with you to reduce the collection process and increase operational efficiency.

Increased Sustainability

Through our program, you can help take part in decreasing CO2 emissions, water and energy consumption.

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