Stock Boxes

Need a box? We stock a variety of box sizes in the Local Montreal Market

We keep a consistent supply of all sizes below with quick delivery. Customize these boxes with your logo using our low cost no die needed printing machine.

Available Stock Boxes:

Stock BoxDescriptionQTY / PAL
V060606-26C6X6X6 26C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1500
V0808088x8x8 23C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1500
V090603.23C9-1/4X6-5/8X3-3/4 23C RSC PLAIN KRAFT2250
V0906069X6X6 23C RSC PLAIN KRAFT3000
V10101010X10X10 26C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V12090612X9X6 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1500
V12090912X9X9 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V12100412X10X4 23C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1500
V12101212X10X12 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V12121212X12X12 32C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V14091014.75X9.25X10 125 TEST RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V14100414X10X4 26C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1500
V14100614X10X6 26C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V15X11X10-FILEBOX15-4/16X11-14/16X10 32B D/C FILE BOX PLAIN KRAFT700
V15111115X11X11 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V15131515.5X13X15 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V16100616.5X10.5X6.5 32C RSC PLAIN KRAFT1000
V161212-1.516-3/8X12-3/8X12-3/8 32C RSC PL KRAFT 1.5 CUBE1000
V17111017.5X11.5X10 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V18120418X12X4 26C RSC PL KRF750
V18120618.375X12.25X6 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT750
V18120918X12X9 29C RSC PL KRFT750
V18121218X12X12 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V18151018X15X10 32C RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V181512-2.018X15-1/4X12-1/2 32C RSC PR 1COL KRAFT - 2CUBE500
V19130919X13X9 29C RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V191504.26C19.5X15.5X4.5 26C RSC PLAIN KRAFT750
V19151519X15X15 32C 33MED RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V191515-44C19X15X15 44C WRA RSC PLAIN KRAFT500
V23151223X15X12 32ECT MEDIUM BOX500
V241605-276C24X16X5-10/16 29C RSC PL KRFT500
V261607-278C26-8/16X16-6/16X7-12/16 32C RSC PL KRFT480
V261610-2710C26-8/16X16-8/16X10 32C RSC PL KRFT500

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