Written by Keith Primeau, Chief Administrative Officer

HOME / BLOG / Local Packaging Industry Set to Transform as Rebox Corp Acquires Cartonerie Montreal

In a move set to redefine the local packaging landscape, Rebox Corp proudly announces the successful acquisition of Cartonerie Montreal, a well-respected name in sustainable packaging solutions within our community.

This strategic merger brings together the best of both worlds – Rebox Corp’s cutting-edge packaging innovations and Cartonerie Montreal’s local expertise and commitment to eco-friendly solutions. The acquisition signifies a commitment to fostering growth and delivering top-notch packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs of our local clientele.

The integration of Cartonerie Montreal into Rebox Corp means local businesses will now have access to an expanded range of packaging solutions. From customizable designs to sustainable options, we are now better equipped to meet the diverse needs of our community.