Rebox's Commitment To The Environment


Environmental Sustainability is often measured using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA is a complex quantitative scientific tool that compares the potential ‘cradle-to-grave’ environmental impact of two or more systems or processes through defined indicators such a water use, GHG potential and energy consumption.

In 2013, Rebox worked closely with graduate students to quantify the environmental benefits of cardboard box reuse over traditional recycling, which was once considered the most environmentally-friendly method to handle box waste.

Water consumption in the reuse process is 322.5 gallons / ton compared to 230,000 gallons in the recycling process., a 700 fold difference.
X 700
Energy consumed by reuse is more than ten times less than that of the overall recycling process (weighted operations of China and US).
X 10
GHG emissions through recycling produces 1.14 kg CO2 equivalent more than the reuse process, approximately 45 times the output, or roughly 1.11 kg more.
X 45