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Why Rebox Instead of Recycling?

Traditionally, large manufacturers generate a lot of excess corrugate that is normally deemed as regular plant waste. A lot of a plant’s corrugate is sent to back to paper mills to recreate a box that other companies can use.

Rebox has developed an innovative solution to help your company:

  1. Increase Your Revenue Stream – Rebox will pay you MORE for your boxes than a traditional recycler
  2. Increase Plant Productivty – Rebox works with your plant production to reduce the collection process and make your operators more efficient to focus on what you do best!
  3. Increase Your Company’s Sustainabiltiy Profile – A re-use program helps a plant benefit from our company’s unique lifecycle assessment. Help decrease CO2 emissions and water savings by implementing a re-use box program.

Rebox also purchases over-run and joblot boxes.

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